Using an Energy Saving Candle Bulb

In this day in age where the environmental changes are on so many people’s minds, the
lighting industry has met the demands of consumers by offering energy saving light
bulbs. These light bulbs have saved consumers money on their electric bills and changed
the way we “see light”.

Low energy light bulbs and lamps can save a homeowner about eighty percent on the
electricity bills then when they were using a standard light bulb. They use a fifth to a
quarter of the electricity compared to a standard light bulb. Plus, energy saving light
bulbs produces the same amount of light as standard light bulbs. But that is not where the
benefits of using an energy saving light bulb stops. Energy saving light bulbs last ten
times longer then standard light bulbs saving the homeowner money in replacing light
bulbs over time. Energy saving light bulbs emits a cool temperature due to the low
wattage of electricity. With a lower heat output then standard light bulbs, energy saving
light bulbs are perfect for enclosed fittings or spaces and they are ideal to used close to a
delicate lampshade. They also offer homeowners a white light rather then a yellowish
light that can be seen with a standard light bulb.

While there are many different kinds of energy saving light bulbs, there are many
benefits to using energy saving candle bulbs in particular in your home. Many people
have replaced sing real candles with energy saving candle light bulbs. Like other energy
saving light bulbs, they carry the same benefits. They are cool to the touch replacing the
risk that real candles offer. Often times, using real candles are dangerous to use in certain
situations for fear of a pet or a child knocking them over. Candle light offers a room a
formal and romantic feeling. They create a wonderful environment and atmosphere.
Energy saving candle light bulbs can also emit a flickering just like real candles. In many
instances candle have already been replace with candle light bulbs. Once candles were
used on chandeliers and Christmas trees but they have long been replaced with candle
light bulbs.

Using energy saving candle light bulbs also replace the fumes emitted when burning real
candles. Although it is in small amounts, burning candles do produce a form of air
pollution. The price of candle bulbs also out weights the cost of real candles. Some
candle will only burn for a few hours then they are too small for the wick to keep a flame.
Just like other energy saving light bulbs, candle light bulbs can be used for thousands of
hours. Wall sconces are given a new kind of romantic feeling when one makes the
choice to use candle light bulbs.

It is easy to make the switch to energy saving candle light bulbs. With that switch comes
one more step to making your home more energy efficient. By making that switch you
are also making the choice to stop the old environmentally harmful ways of the past. We
all need to pitch in and do our part to reduce pollution and get out planet on the road to