Ways to Save Your Home Thermal Energy

One of the biggest uses of home energy is the way we use heat. A huge expense is due to a heating bill. But, there are a few improvements that homeowners can do to save on their heating bill and in most cases; it does not mean you have to shell out a lot of money.
In a sentence that involves the word “improvements” and “house”, most people start to panic. While some home improvements do cost money, there are steps you can take that will not break your budget to improve on the way that your home uses energy.

One of the biggest ways that a home misuses energy is through escaping heat. Many homes
suffer from drafts which let cold air in during the winter making it harder for you to heat
your house. Twenty percent of a homes heat can escape through drafts. An easy solution
to saving home energy here is to do some detective work and find out where those drafts
are coming from. Hold you hand up around the edges of your doors and windows to find
where the drafts are coming from. If you feel cold air on your hand, you have a draft.
Once you have found the draft there are several ways to seal it depending on where the
draft sis coming from. Use draft excluders around exterior or interior doors. You can fill
in any cracks or crevices on window frames, floors or floor boards with a filler or sealant.
Open curtains or blinds to let the heat of the sun in and close them after night fall to trap
in warm air.

A very simple way to save on you heating bill is to turn down your thermostat. By
turning your thermostat down even by one degree, you can reduce you consumption of
energy by over 5 percent. Plus, with the difference of one degree, you won’t even notice
the temperature difference. You can also save on your heating bill by not heating rooms
you are not using. While 2 zone heating is an investment if you home is not set up for it
already, it will make a difference. If all your bedrooms are upstairs and the floor is
controlled by its own thermostat, you can save on your energy consumption if you turn
the thermostat down on the other floor that you are not using while you sleep.

The most cost efficient way to save energy is to make sure that your home is properly
insulated. Up to one third of your heating can escapes through the roof of your home.
Check out your roof a few days after it snows. Is it starting to melt faster then snow on
your neighbor’s roofs? This is an easy way to see if heat is escaping from your roof and
melting the snow. There are many types of insulation products available today that work
extremely well and will not break the bank. You might also want to invest in cavity wall
insulation to prevent another third of your heat from escaping. These simple cost
efficient solutions will improve the way that your home uses heat and will save you a ton
of money on your heating bill in the long run.